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Premium Difra™ VNG Technology

Features of Difra NYSTAR I Ltd. VNG System:

  1. Test spontaneous nystagmus, positional and positioning nystagmus, plus gaze nystagmus and calorics

  2. Billable under codes: 92541, 92542, 92543 (4 units) and 92546 and 92547. Refer to optional codes below for all billable VNG codes. Now with Active Head Rotation–allows you to bill CPT Code 92546

  3. Video recording and replay of tracking of the eye

  4. High definition camera easily moves from left to right

  5. Automatic comprehensive, customizable reports with age-dependant normative data

  6. Export results over network (intranet or internet) to electronic medical records. All data is stored on the disk and can be archived automatically.

  7. Multiple levels of password security for doctor, staff and HIPAA compliance

  8. Reduce downtime–the manufacturer’s software engineer can easily remote access your VNG software to troubleshoot and resolve software or hardware issues


  1. VNG (videonystagmography) interface

  2. VNG (videonystagmography) goggles

  3. High definition USB camera

  4. 50 Hz Tracking Speed

  5. 32″ monitor for effective patient stimulus

  6. Caloric irrigator: cool air or water

  7. Laptop computer

  8. VNG software

  9. Connecting cables

  10. Durable carrying case for VNG goggles, interface and components

  11. NOW WITH ACTIVE HEAD ROTATION—allows you to bill CPT Code 92546

Better Balance Analyzer™ Platform

Create a clear pathway to medical necessity for VNG studies using the Better Balance Analyzer™.

Remove all subjectivity from your balance evaluations – use the Better Balance Analyzer™ platform for verifiable and consistent results.

Evaluate each phase of the vestibular system with the Better Balance Analyzer™ platform. 

  • Eyes open on Firm surface – tests the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive inputs

  • Eyes closed on a Firm surface – tests the vestibular and proprioceptive inputs 

  • Eyes open on a perturbed (foam) surface – tests the visual and vestibular inputs

  • Eyes closed on a perturbed (foam) surface – tests the vestibular inputs only


Evaluate every patient over 55 as part of a comprehensive falls prevention strategy.

  • Quick and easy test that takes just 5-10 minutes to complete

  • Excellent tool to evaluate risk of falling

  • Results are given as normal or abnormal

    • Normal – No further testing is warranted for the current year

    • Abnormal – The patient completes our 20-question survey to eliminate any cause(s) for an abnormal result like medications, vision or hearing problems, ankle, knee or hip problems plus many other potential complicating factors

  • If no complicating or contributing factors are identified by the physician then a VNG test is warranted and the prescription is written.


Dx Devices offers flexible financing options to meet your needs.

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